Often the most difficult part of writing is simply getting started. That’s true whether you’re replying to a customer inquiry or writing a blog article for your website.

Here’s a tip: Write your first draft the way you would explain the information to a friend. Pretend someone asked, “What are you planning to write about?” Then type your reply. Don’t worry about using the right words – just get your thoughts written out. You can even dictate your reply into a memo or note taking app, and then transcribe your thoughts.

This approach helps you let down your guard, get your point across, and stop focusing your energy on each individual word. It also makes your writing more relatable and conversational, which readers will likely enjoy.

Once your rough draft is written, go through and spruce things up. Substitute repetitive words, fix any grammatical errors, add the missing parts, and finish it off with formatting. Pro tip – if you have the time, wait an hour or two before reviewing your draft. It’s easier to catch mistakes and address awkward phrasing.

And voila! You did it.

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