Remember the last time you cleaned out your attic? It was probably done in the name of “spring cleaning” and it was probably pretty eye opening. You may have found long forgotten (but incredibly special) family relics, holiday decorations that were so deeply buried they didn’t make it up last season, or summer clothes you didn’t know you had! You also may have found and thrown out the dust bunnies, signs of unwelcome animal life and a ton of stuff that meant nothing to you. It’s time to do the same with your online marketing strategy.

Consider ways that you can freshen up the following digital channels:


We’ve said it before and we will never stop saying it: a company’s website is its best employee. Is your website up to date? Do a link check to make sure that there are no broken or misdirected links. Revisit your contact information and see that all numbers, emails and physical addresses are still correct. When was the last time you looked at your “About Us” page or its equivalent? Does that page still give an accurate representation of your company’s people, purpose and practices?


Don’t fall into the trap of a boring email marketing strategy. Blasting your email list with the same old stuff week after week can mean the fast track into spam folders. Consider offering a free download to attract new subscribers. You must follow the “best practice” guidelines that are required by reputable email sending services. Your customers are picky about what they choose to open and what they ignore, make it worth their time to open your messages and surprise them with something they may not have known.


Like email marketing, social media can become mired in the “same old same old” without a content adjustments and attention to what your customer is interested in consistently. Consider where your customer is on social media. You may find that it would be advantageous for you to add add a new social media channel if you’re still only present on the most popular ones — Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure you take the time to update your profile photos and header images on all channels.

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