Focus On What Matters…The Customer!

The close of a sale is often decided by the words and attitude of the salesperson. How can you be more successful in your approach to sales? Change just one word and you can control the sale.
Focus on the value, not discounts.
A person will be more likely to shop around if you only show him the price to consider. The key to staying ahead of your competition is to tout the added value that the customer will enjoy with your product or services. Steer away from discounting prices, this only sets the pricing standards for the customer’s next purchase with you.
Focus on teaching, not homework.
Homework was rarely something that any of us enjoyed. Your customer doesn’t either! That is why it’s important to “teach” your customer how your product or service can help them meet a need. Customers will buy from people who help them understand.
Focus on the customer, not yourself.
Everyone knows that you need to make the sale. Honestly, the customer probably doesn’t care; nor should he. You will be more likely to close a sale when you approach the subject focused on the customer’s needs, motivations, problems, and emotions.

Rather than get frustrated trying to keep up with your competitor, now is the time to focus your sales efforts on the person that needs you the most – YOUR customer!

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