Scroll. Like. Follow. Share… Copy

When it comes to communicating with your buying audience through the digital marketing channels, many business owners tend to focus on fine tuning their message in the written content and ignoring the valuable visual content that is available to their target customer. Words on the site, do matter – however, the message itself is key and this requires a more robust presentation with words and images to tell your story and engage the customer through not only your website but also social media.

The customer of today has progressed to making buying decisions “after much research on a site” with a visit to some of the more popular social media channels -such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. The impact that video, images, and customer reviews have on a customer’s buying decision are often more valuable than what is found on a company’s website. This by all means doesn’t mean that you ignore your written content, however, your written and visual need to tell the same story. The customer insight gained from social channels can not only validate your website content, but can add the personal touch that evokes an emotional response in people that words can’t touch.

Visual content marketing is about promoting YOUR brand in a professional light and developing top-of-mind awareness with your target audience. Here are two tips to help you with your developing a strategic social media presence:

Don’t Be Shy
Customers want to know more about you and your company – on a more personal level. Social media is the best medium to highlight the “non-technical” aspects of what you do with images and posts about your projects, your products, your satisfied customers, your amazing employees, and even the awards or your work in your community. The use of good quality pictures and video along with well-written descriptions – is the perfect way to share your expertise while engaging each customer on a personal level.
Don’t Get Carried Away
Make sure you think before you post. Is this something worth saying or seeing — does it represent “who you are?” If the answer is no, reconsider posting it. It’s okay to post images or content that may not be directly related to your product, however, you want to avoid simply filling the space with irrelevant chatter or poor quality pictures, polarizing opinions or technical jargon about your product that will offend or drive the visitor away.

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