Email communication is one of the most preferred methods for the customer and is cost effective for the business owner. A customer’s email address is vital to the success of your business. The challenge, however, is that many customers are hesitant to give you an email address due to cluttered inboxes and spam mail from other marketers.

To overcome this challenge, we must ask ourselves, “How do I ask for an email address?” To answer that question properly, we will demonstrate “how NOT to ask for an email address.”

Business Owner: “Can I have your e-mail address?”
Customer: “No.”
Business Owner: *awkward silence*

People are very protective of their email addresses. When you ask this question, it results in a “yes” or “no” answer. If the person has no idea as to who you are or why you need it, there is a strong chance that the answer will be “no” and you may never get a chance to ask again. Take a look at this more effective approach:

Salesperson: “I would love to send you a tip sheet for home care
OR a coupon OR a confirmation of an appointment*
. What is the best
email address for me to send this to?”
Customer: “Absolutely. Send it to my email address at…”
*your choice of incentive inserted in conversation.

Why does this approach work? The request:

  • The request portrays confidence and is matter of fact.
  • The request provides a compelling reason/expectation.
  • The request positions email communication as an important part of YOUR business process.

It is important to teach every member of your team to practice this approach when communicating with a current customer or a prospect. Don’t forget the importance of asking on all print pieces, website, and in social media. In conclusion, once you have your customer’s trust and email address, be respectful and don’t join the businesses that have given it a bad reputation.